We do a large selection of freshly made sandwiches for you to eat on the premises or to take away. Here is a menu of just some of the sandwich fillings we do:

 Meat Sandwiches.

Garlic Sausage                        

Liver Sausage                         

Gammon Ham                        

Corned Beef                           

Ox Tongue                           

Back Bacon (Hot) 

Chicken Breast 

Cumberland Sausage                                         

Hungarian/Italian Salami          

(2) Hot                                  

German Frankfurter (Hot)       

Chicken & Pepper Pate           

Salt Beef, Mustard, Dill

And Mayonnaise                    

Chicken Mixes                      

Roast Beef                            




Tuna, Wine Vinegar

And Pepper                            

Tuna Mayonnaise                   

Sardines in Oil                       

Prawn Mayonnaise                 

Smoked Mackrael Pate           

Scotch Smoked Salmon        

Home Cooked Fresh Salmon  



Creamery Cheese                       

Mature English Cheddar             

Edam or Emmental                    

Red Leicester                           

Homemade Liptaur                    

Homemade Kummel Cheese       

English Stilton                           

Creamy Brie                              





Cucumber Sandwich                  

Tomato Sandwich                     

Salad (Cucumber, Tomato

And mixed leaf lettuce)            

Marmite & Cucumber                

Peanut Butter or Jam               

Coleslaw Sandwich                  

Potato Salad Sandwich              

Sundried Tomato & or


Homemade Olive Pate               

Homemade Humoous                

Humous & Artichoke                

Olive Pate & sundried Tomato    

Marmite with Mature Cheddar